How can imaging technology be better used to improve patient care?

TOHETI is working with NHS partners across Lambeth and Southwark to develop a vision for the future of imaging, with patient experience and outcomes at its core.

The programme, which will run until September 2019, focusses on the following major transformational programmes:

  • Improve accessibility to imaging and streamlining diagnostic pathways
  • Keeping at the forefront of technology
  • Transforming our ways of working

By changing the use of imaging in the patient pathway, and through the introduction of cutting edge new technology, TOHETI aims to show how imaging can be used more proactively and effectively as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool across a range of common patient pathways, as well as contributing to cost-effectiveness across King’s Health Partners.

TOHETI funding has supported the installation of a replacement Emergency Department CT scanner in 2016, and additional 3T-MRI and CT scanners, delivering increased capacity and providing the ability to introduce and measure innovations outside of ‘normal practice’. The programme integrates academic research with service improvement, to enable transformation work that is rooted and substantiated by a robust health economic evaluation and focused on value-add from a patient’s perspective.

TOHETI funding has also enabled installation of a new £3m PET-MR scanner – one of two in the country, and a £450k MR-guided High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) system. Access to these cutting-edge technologies is enabling research focussing on enhancing the quality of diagnostic information to assess treatment efficacy, and introducing new non-invasive treatments.

TOHETI aims to develop an approach that will be owned by the local health economy, informed and led by patient experience, and which if successful, can be implemented and mainstreamed across the NHS.

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