Lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the biggest killers in the UK and a particularly challenging issue locally. The prognosis is very poor with a five year survival rate of less than 10%. The main reason for this is that patients tend to present with advanced disease at a point when curative surgery is no longer feasible.

Locally, there is a need to focus on early diagnosis, with the aim of reducing the number of patients presenting to secondary care in advanced stages of lung cancer.

TOHETI aims to understand and evaluate the uptake of low-dose chest CT by high risk symptom-free individuals (patients aged 55-80, who are current or former smokers (last 15 years)), when offered as part of a lung health clinic assessment.

To maximise access to and uptake across the study, Guy’s and St Thomas’ is exploring different ways to engage those who may benefit from participating in our study across our local community, including GPs, pharmacists and smoking cessation services.

TOHETI’s work feeds into the nationwide ACE programme (Proactive approach to patients at High Risk of Lung Cancer):

Proposed benefits:

  • To increase early detection and improve prognosis.
  • To explore the possibility of direct access for GPs of asymptomatic patients to low dose CT.
  • To increase understanding of non-compliance, and potential barriers in attitude to uptake of low-dose CT screening for future.

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